Negmar Shipping Investment Corporation is a large organization with its group of companies operating on the Maritime and IT sector.
Mehmet Koç


Negmar's adventure was started as an initiative of investment in 2008. Negmar was established as an international shipping and investment company in Istanbul by initiatives of Gubretas, Nesma Holding Co. and Etis Shipping Inc. Thus, Negmar has revealed a powerful synergy that blends Turkey's entrepreneurial energy with international partners and our national capital. After a while, we have included Etis Logistics Inc. to the field of land logistics in addition to our adventure of maritime that was previously started with 4 dry cargo ships. In the same year, this structure growing horizontal in maritime and logistics has taken it's place among major players of sector by adding trade of Istanbullines making RoRo sea transportation since 2006 with its all assets to its own organization.

Negmar Group gave a start to activities of passenger and vehicle transportation in 2013. We have opened the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı line that the vertical line intersecting Marmara Sea, with trade name of Narlı Ferry Inc. and under the brand of Istanbullines then we have included it to commercial ecosystem of Negmar. Narlı Ferry Inc. made history as an attempt to pave the way for free competition in the line through 4 new ferries which were included to its fleet by purchasing 3 ferries at the first stage and 1 more ferry later.

Negmar has also included LPG/LNG segment to its investments in the ecosystem of maritime and logistics, by purchasing 2 new LPG vessels at the end of 2013. We launched to sea our fleet of VLGC within IGLC Dicle and IGLC Anka that just established based on giving order to Hyundai for built two new LPG vessels. we have assigned the management of all our fleet to a professional and technical team by establishing Nbulkgas Ltd. in order to control technical management of all our fleet as well growth trend of our fleet existence in domestic and international seas.

Today, Negmar represents the power of investment in the country and region through its effective ecosystem in maritime and logistics, 14 national and international companies, 3 international investors and about 1.000 personnel in 4 main offices. We will go on to add values to our region and world under the name of Negmar as growing power of maritime and logistics by energy of investment and synergy created together its national and international partners.